FFXIV Guide: Method To Get Parasols In Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.21

 How To Get Parasols In Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.21

  Well, first of all, let me offer you a question, have you guys ever wanted to keep dry when you are playing Final Fantasy 14? If you have, then, your dream now has come true, umbrellas now will shelter you when you are exploring the Diadem or some other regions and that is mainly thanks to the 5.21 patch for FF14! Apart from new dyes and items, now you can get your very own Sky Blue Parasol and you also can be protected during those Eorzean downpours.

  With FFXIV Patch 5.21 dropping on March 10, 2020, parasols now are already available in Final Fantasy XIV,  therefore, we have already put together a guide and to help you guys get your very own!

  In order to acquire your own parasol, you will need to take part in the new Ishgardian Restoration, and then exchanging the new scrips you receive.

  Once unlocked, that means the player will be able to access this new Final Fantasy XIV Ishgardian Restoration Zone - the Diadem, and over there, you will be able to get new materials.

  Just as you know, these materials can be used to craft exclusive Ishgardian Restoration recipes, after being turned in for scrips.

  In order to get your very own parasol, you will need 1,800 Ishgardian Restoration scrips. This exchange is made by talking to Enie in the Firmament (The coordinates are: X: 12 Y:14) in Ishgard place.

  Right now, there are two parasols available:

  The very first one is: PARASOL: Exchanged for Ishgardian Restoration Scrips

  The second one is: SKY BLUE PARASOL: Kupo of Fortune Reward

  Once you get your parasol successfully, then a new action will be unlocked in the "Extra" tab of your abilities page, letting you take your umbrella out!

  However, just as you think, this item does not work in duties...

  NOTICE: These parasols, in fact, are tradeable, which means you can either farm them, or just purchase them from other players.

  As of the time of writing this post, a Sky Blue Parasol was 90 million Final Fantasy XIV Gil on the market on Ragnarok (EU) server, meaning there is certainly a chance to make some money if you feel like grinding! Oh, nearly forget, the standard parasol is selling for about 2 million FFXIV Gil, too!

  Anyway, what do you think about this new addition to Final Fantasy XIV? Feel free to let us know your true opinion below!